Saturday, January 09, 2010

Nik Swindling Skill

Last Tuesday, Nik Ahmad Farouqi (photo right) show me one of his game against Tun Sri Lanang where he save a losing position with a brilliant swindling moves.

Tun Sri Lanang vs Nik Ahmad Farouqi
Sarawak Open 2009

1. c4? White last move (c3-c4) is blunder. Tun probably forgot that all black's piece is almost paralyzed because of the mating nett. Actually the correct move is to play 1.Kf4 which give the black's king a square to move on h6. White's winning plan is then to escort his c-pawn with his king. For e.g after 1...Rf8+ 2.Ke4 Re8+ ( black's don't have much thing to do) 3.Kd3 and now white's rook is free from guarding his c-pawn.

1... Rc8 !! After 2. Rxc8 black is stalemate. If white's rook leave the c-pawn 2. Rd7 then 2.. Rxc4 and it's a draw 1/2-1/2

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