Monday, December 07, 2009

Mas & Yee Weng UPDATE - Dragon Capital Vietnam Chess Open

Round 7
7th December 2009 - IM Mashafizul (FIDE 2419) registered his first lost in the 2nd Dragon Capital, Vietnam Open 2009 after suffering the same fate with Malaysian football team who lost to Vietnam. Mas lost to GM Dao Tien Hai (2524) in round 7 . IM Lim Yee Weng draw his game against Singaporean FM - Daniel Howard Fernandez (2230).
Round 8
In round 8 however, Mas improve his performance by beating WIM Le Kieu Thien Kim (2221). IM Lim Yee Weng produced a good performance by beating Singaporean FM - Timothy Chan (2384) .
After round 8, IM Mashafizul with 5 points is on 8th place and he will meet IM Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy (2475) in the final round tomorrow. Meanwhile, IM Lim Yee Weng with 4.5 points is on 15th place and will meet IM Duong The Anh (2426). The final round will start at 9.00AM local time tomorrow. All the best for both of them. MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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