Wednesday, December 02, 2009

2nd DATCC Team League Round 4Photo Report

2nd DATCC Round 4 Photo Report

Round 4 in action

Nusa Mahkota 1st board - NM Kamal Ariffin (right) beat Singaporean IM - Tan Lian Ann ( Tan & Tan )

Team AU first board - IM Mashafizul (Right) beat Norilhamuddin (EON Bank Berhad)

Team AU board 3- Jax Tham (right) was pressed hard by a very aggressive player - Prabha Rajendran (EON). Prahba however lost the game after he failed to find the correct continuation. According to his teammate Norilhamuddin - Prahba once play against GM Mark Hebden and nearly beat the famous Briton GM.

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