Wednesday, December 09, 2009

2nd DATCC League Round 5 Report

Round 5 Report (8th December 2009)

Tan&Tan vs Storm Warriors : 1-3

As expected, Storm Warriors win against the veterans. Bernard Ng replaced IM Tan Lian Ann as Tan&Tan board 1 and he held Zarul Shazwan ( correction- it's Lee Boon Why who play first board for the Warriors in round 5- sorry for the mistake ) to a draw. The same goes to board 4 but The Warriors score full points on board 2 and 3.

Pricewaterhouse vs EON Bank Berhad 3-1

The highlight of the match is on board 1 when Nor Ilhamuddin somehow turn a superior position against Hazril Husain into a losing one. On board 2, Aziz Shukor true to his "Karpovian" style build his advantage slow and steady but he probably choose a wrong strategy to simplified the position and had to agree with a draw against Ong Thian Loon in the end.

Board 3 saw Tan Chee Hock held Cheah Chuk Fong (pricewater) to a draw while Chew Yaw Choong quite easily beat EON 4th board - Sreenivasan Sri Raman.

Team AU vs X-Factor

In my preview for round 5, i stated that AU will missed their board 1- IM Mashafizul who is playing in Vietnam Open but actually i forgot that they still have top gun to play on board 1. FM Ooi Chren Ee former World Under Age top 5 faced IM elect - Mok Tze Meng. . Psychologically Mok had an advantage due to his victory over Ooi in the recent Quarterfinal Malaysian Master 2009. (* Mok won 3-0) but Ooi proved that things are not that simple. The game is among the last to finish and in the end - Ooi managed to take revenge against Mok and Mo(k)dern Defense ! The rest of AU board win without much problems.

Caviaga vs DATCC 4-0

Caviaga as expected show no mercy against the host and win on all board quite easily.

Nusa Mahkota vs 17 Chess Club : 3.5-0.5

Surprisingly Nusa's win against brother's 17 Chess Club is without much resistance especially on board 2,3,4 . In this match, Nusa' surprising feature Izz Sharafuddin on board 4 and this is his first appearance in this league . Izz and Nusa's board 2 - Rizal Ahmad Kamal and board 3 - Rusdi Sidi win without much problem. However the first board encounter saw NM Kamal Ariffin (Nusa Mahkota) misplayed a good position against the always resourceful - Kamaluddin Yusof and almost blunder a rook due to touch move rule. Fortunately Kamal didn't let go his queen from his hand and still had a choice to put the lady into a more safer square . In the end Kamaluddin couldn't find a clear plan to play for a win and both player repeat move in the end and agree to split the points.

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