Sunday, November 15, 2009

PC Problemo!

As some of you may have noticed recently, this blog has not update important tournament such as the Malaysian junior progress in World Youth 2009 in Turkey and the Tal Memorial 2009.

Unfortunately the reason is because my home PCs and wireless network was infected by spy ware and it has effect my Internet connection. I have send my PC to my good friend - Rusdi Sidi who own a computer shop in Bangi. I hope he can fix it as soon as possible because i know he is one of my "fanatic" blog follower !

For local readers who are (always) hungry for update especially on Malaysian juniors progress in Turkey, you can follow this blog - Malaysian at World Youth Chess Competition 2009 by Azman Che Doi who is there as the coach and accompanying parent! For the FIDE rated DATCC Individual and Team league, followed DATCC blog.

I will be updating... of course F.O.C :) for you all as soon as my PC problem being fix, thank you for all your encouragement and support.

By the way, i found that the shout box is recently full with racist and unhealthy you all know, i will not tolerate and will delete/ban comment which didn't follow my shout box etique and rules.

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