Sunday, October 18, 2009

World Oldest Blogger Died

Ok, this got nothing to do with chess, but as a fellow blogger, i couldn’t resist to share with you about the death of world oldest blogger –Olive Riley at 109 (almost, she was born on 20th October 1899 and died on 17th October 2009) .

Unfortunately i could't find her blog at first. When i used my search engine and type Olive Riley blog- The Life of Riley, it lead to someone blog name Mike Rubbo the helpful life?!... Who is this guy? Is the late Olive's blog being hacked ?!

The answer is no. According to this article, Rubbo is Olive’s blogging assistant. Olive will tell the stories and Mike do the typing. Mike has also made a film for the ABC called 'All about Olive'. He says he gets very excited about her stories.

You can read article by Olive’s here

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