Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Magnus Carlsen - World Champion in the making!?

The Norwegian wonder kid - Magnus Carslen recent performance in the super strong Nanjing Pearl International open attract world chess attention. The kid who still drink orange juice in a bottle during game performed at 2850 tournament performance ( correction:- according to chessbase.com, his performance rating is 3002 thanks to one of my shoutbox visitor who point the mistake) against world top 15 players ( Topalov - world no. 1, Leko- no. 6, Radjabov- no.7, Jakovenko- no. 11 and Wang Yue - No .15 ).

After the tournament, his live rating reach the elusive 2800 rating points but officially he has to wait till early November to enter the 2800 club when FIDE release the November list. Only 4 player have ever reach that barrier - and all of them has earn the World Champion title before ! (Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik and Topalov).

I bet that becoming a World Champ is a matter of time for Magnus. His training session with the legendary and former World Champion has clearly gave a positive boast in his performance. However has to wait for a few more years due to the Anand -Topalov World Chess Championship which is plan to be held next year. There's no information yet about the next cycle after Anand - Topalov match but lets say FIDE plan to held the next World Championship in 2 year time (2012) Carlsen will be 21 at that time - Not a bad age to become a world champ !?

Magnus with his "compulsory" orange juice during game

Photos from chessbase.com

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