Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's have been quite sometimes since i last visit chesscafe.com. It's a chess sites with interesting ( and free!) chess materials/articles presented at least twice weekly. In the past , i regularly visit the site but because of the "attraction" from the daily update sites like chessbase.com, chessvibes.com and blogs like Susan Polgar's and MIG's...i almost "forgot" chesscafe.com.

Recently i found that chesscafe.com has made a nice improvement on the site layout and they also add many new and interesting columns!

For all chess lover...i really recommend chesscafe.com, and if you want to "taste" their article...i recommend one of the article from the late British GM- Tony Miles who once beat the World Champion (at that time) - Anatoly Karpov with 1 e4 a6!

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