Friday, September 04, 2009

KL Open 2009 Day 1

Left: Hasan Pangabeang, GM Saidali Iulachev, Right : IM Gokhale Chandrashekhar, Abdul Haq . Photo from Andrew Ooi's gilachess blog.

KL Open 2009 start today with two round being played. The organiser is doing a great job so far by uploading the results in immediately after each round end.

Round 1 (Results)

The first round saw the GMs doing their routine first round job which is beating weaker players. However the only exception occur when untitled Indonesian player - Rahman Masruri (FIDE 1987) draw against GM Saidali Iuldachev (FIDE 2519)

As expected, two Malaysian players - Ismail Ahmad and NM Edward Lee lost against the top seeds - GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son and GM Dao Tien Hai respectively. The sensation of the day is produced by the "off duty" arbiter - Najib Abdul Wahab who draw against IM Gokhale Chandrashekhar (2284) .

Malaysian - Abdul Haq draw against strong Indonesia player - Hasian Panggabean while Malaysian base Pinoy - Ian Udani beat another strong untitle Indonesian- Jafar Sofyan.

Round 2 (Results)

The only upset of the round is produced by Vietnamese - CM Nguyen Hoang Nam (FIDE 2329) who beat Indonesian top GM - Susanto Megaranto (FIDE 2527) . Ian Udani (2241) managed to draw against another Vietnamese - GM Nguyen Anh Dung (FIDE 2454). Udani who has a reputation as a strong rapid player in local tourney show that he is equally strong at longer time control. In the recently conclude Malaysian Open (DATMO), he finish with the respectable score - 5.5 out of 9 rounds.

Malaysian players didn't fare well in the second round. Abdul Haq as expected lost to GM Saidali Iuldachev (FIDE 2519) and Najib Wahab the "off duty" arbiter failed to repeat his round one sensation when he lost to Rahman Masruri (FIDE 1979).

However two Malaysian National player Ismail Ahmad and NM Edward Lee win their game against R.d.a.c Dissanayake and Chen I Chen respectively.

Malaysian women representative - Haslindah Ruslan lost to Singaporean - Benjamin Foo while NM Tan Li Ting beat Md. Jaynul Abidin.

Round 3 (Pairing)

Round 3 tomorrow will saw the beginning of titled player meet each other for e.g on top board will future a clash between IM Tirto against GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son and GM Dao Tien Hai against FM Awam Wahono.

Ian Udani has the opportunity to proved whether he can beat a GM after being paired against GM Saidali Iuldachev .

You can see the latest results at

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