Tuesday, September 15, 2009

IM Mashafizul at Banick Kahanec 2009...and breaking fast with three cup of coffee...

From left: FM Dominic Csiba, GM Sergey Krivoshey, Rozhodci Kysel, IM Pavel Simachek (Champion), IM Mashafizul ( with green PETRONAS cap!), GM Igor Stohl, IM Tobias Hirneise, FM Andreas Strunski, IM Peter Michalik, IM Marian Jurcik and GM Tomas Polak.

You can read the tournament final report ( in Czech!) here. By the way, if you are as hopeless as me to read in Czech... this tool might help you.
Below is one interesting quote i translate an edit ( which i hope i didn't misinterpret it!) from the final report . As you know, Mas played this tournament during Ramadan where all participating Muslim is refrain from eating, drinking, and indulging in anything that is in excess or ill natured; from dawn till sunset .

...."Mashafizul played very quickly, which often haunted his opponents. As Mas confessed, only Marian Jurčík forced him to break the Ramadan before their game finish. On move 12th ( 12.Qd5) of their game , Mas take a break and drink three cups of coffee...."

I hope i can get the story from Mashafizul himself later.........Selamat Hari Raya Mas!

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