Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chess Puzzle (12)

I watch an interesting online blitz game at Internet Chess Club (ICC) between Azerbaijani – IM Vasif Durarbeyli (photo left) against the veteran Russian – GM Andrei Kharlov. In that game Kharlov missed a winning move on move 26th. In that game Kharlov (photo right) missed a winning move on move 26th.

Try find the winning move for white. If you want to test your tactical ability, try it on your own first before asking for assistance... especially from your chess programme.

IM Durarbeyli Vasif (FIDE 2443) vs. GM Andrei Kharlov
(FIDE 2555) Internet Chess Club, 18.9.2009

White to move and win !


In the actual game Kharlov play 26.Qd2? which is not best. Try guess white's winning move

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