Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Round 4 Drama !

24th August 2009 - In round 4 i witnessed a pity drama happen to our National Master - Ronnie Lim Chuin Hoong. Ronnie was playing against Chinese player - WIM Zhang Xiaowen. Actually i'm not sure about the actual position but below are more or less what happen during the game.
NM Ronie Lim Chuin Hoong vs. WIM Zhang Xiaowen
DATMO , Round 4, 24.8.09
Black to move
Both players was in time trouble, however Ronnie had less ( about one minutes). However, due to the increment of 30 seconds added after each move, the player can still play calmy. 2... Bb2 3. Bc1 Bxc1 4. Rxc1 Kg6 5. Rf2 Rb3+ 6. Kd4 Rg3 7. Rc7 Rxa3 Here Ronnie spent quite some times and when had 20 seconds left he quickly and strongly press the clock ( i heard and witness it!) 8. Rg2+ At this particular position both players and spectators are looking at the position and wait for Xiaowen reply.

After about 20 seconds, Ronnie suddenly look at his clock and like a lightning struck ....press his clock again!

What happen actually is his clock does not stop when he press it in the first time after he played 8.Rg2+.... so his time is actually still running and unfortunately when realised it and try desperately to press it later.... his time already shown 00.00 - which mean he should lost on time.

Both player called the arbiters and according to my friend -Andrew Ooi, the clock inventor was there too so Ronnie explained to the tournament official about the incident. I'm not sure what the decision is but from the look of Ronnie dejected faced, i think he was declared lost .

This unfortunate incident could happen in any tournaments, players and i had witness a similar incident happen in the past but it's still unfortunate that this thing happen to Ronnie when he had a good chance to win or at least draw the game. I hope he can forget this round and concentrate for his remaining rounds.

Zhang Xiaowen explained to the tournament official about the incident...

...and now it's Ronnie turn....


Ching said...

was there a doctor in the house? sigh. Ronnie 0 - Clock 1.


for this drama, i think hairulov will stand behind Zhang Xiowen coz Zhang is one of his favourite player..