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MERDEKA Rapid 2009

From left : Dato' Sieh Kok Chi - Honorary Secretary of Olympic Council of Malaysia, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Diraja Ramli Ngah Talib- Malaysian Chess Federation President , Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek-Minister of Youth and Sports and Dato' Tan Chin Nam- Honorary Life President of Malaysian Chess Federation .

After the 2009 Dato' Arhur Tan Malaysian Open (DATMO) ended on friday ( 29th August) , The Malaysian Chess Festival 2009 continued with the traditional tournament - Merdeka team event. This tournament has been held for the past 28th years and this yearis the 29th anniversary of this events. The Malaysian Chess Federation is organizing the 29th ASTRO Merdeka Rapid Open Team Chess Championship 2009 in the Ballroom, CitiTel Midvalley Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The time control is 25 mins + 10 seconds increment . A team consist of 4 or 4 + 1 (reserve) players. The Championship is being managed by Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Centre (DATCC) - the Event Manager for this event.

The Minister play against Dato Tan Chin Nam. I recorded the game and will post it soon. You will be surprise with the results and his chess ability !

The opening ceremony on Saturday was officiate by a special guest - Y.B Dato Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister of Youth and Sports . I think this was the first time ( correct me if i'm wrong) a sports minister of our country attend and officiate the Merdeka Chess Tournament. There have been other ministers attended the opening ceremony such as Dato' Sabaruddin Chik ( former Minister of Tourism) and even YAB Najib Tun Razak in 2006 when he was still the Deputy Prime Minister but never before the Minister of Youth and Sports . I will write more about it in future post. Below is some of the photos.

Left : GM Susanto Megaranto (Indonesia) vs . GM Rogelio Antonio Jr. (Philipines)

From left : team Johor ( Abdullah Che Hassan, Aaoran Chua, Leong Mun Wan, Lee Wen Xi) vs. Team Astro ( GM Marat Dzhumaev, GM Saidali Yuldashev, Abdul Haq and Jax Tham)

Below are the table tie break untill round 4.

129th Astro Merdeka Rapid Open Team Chess Championship 2009
3 Table/tie-breaks
5 RankTeam1.Rd.2.Rd.3.Rd.4.Rd.Pts.MP
61INA - RTCC23b 422w 417b 42w126
72Bhayangkara Police R.I51w 428b 410w 2½1b10½6
83Friends of Jenjosh (M)41w 3½46b 413w 2½4w106
94SMS Gold - MO (M)24w 434b 46w 23b105
105Team Astro43w 49b 233w 46b105
11 Penang (M/N)40b 444w 44b 25w105
127IRI-MAS39w 411b 2½21w 2½9b96
138Marfori Phillipines18w 431b 312w 210b95
149Johor (M/N)58b 45w 225b 37w95
1510Tagatay City47w 414b 3½2b 1½8w94
1611Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (G)53b 47w 1½37b 3½14w94
1712Calamba CIty36w 415b 2½8b 213w5
1813MISC Bhd (M)45b 3½20w 3½3b 1½12b4
1914Caviaga Lubricant29b 410w ½50b 411b4
2015Calamba City B52b 412w 1½26b 316w4
2116SMS Gold KLMN (M)38b 319w 235b 315b85
2217ChessIsChess (M)42w 430b 41w 018b84
2318Indonesian Dream Girls (L/6)8b 052w 454b 417w84
2419Sarawak (M/N)59w 316b 231w 2½22b5
2520Astro (M/L)32w 313b ½51w 421b4
2621Jakarta Chess Club (JCC)49b 425w 27b 1½20w3
2722Klang Valley Kiwis55w 41b 043w 319w74
2823PCA Members (M/N)1w 055b 446w 325w74
2924Royal Selangor Club (V)4b 053w 444b 326w74
3025Sabah (M/N)48w 421b 29w 123b73
3126UTM Alpha (M/I)63w 433b 215w 124b73
3227Perak Junior (M/N/6)37b 2½35b 234w 229w4
332817 Chess Club (M)61b 42w 039b 2½33w4
3429Selangor Generasi 10 (M/L/N/2)14w 045w 2½56b 427b4
3530University of Malaya 1 (M/I)65b 417w 038b 2½31b4
3631Ipoh Limau Bali (M)54b 48w 119b 1½30w2
3732UTM Beta (M/I)20b 150w 2½49b 2½35w64
3833Selangor (N)56b 426w 25b 028b63
3934Nusa Mahkota Chess Club (M)57b 44w 027b 237w63
4035Rorschach (M)60b 327w 216w 132b63
4136Persatuan Catur Bumiputra Sarawak (M/N)12b 058w 260b 439w63
4237Chung Ling B (M/S/6)27w 1½62b 411w ½34b62
4338USM (M/I)16w 159b 330w 1½46b2
4439Sarawak B (M/N)7b 065w 428w 1½36b2
4540Penang Free School (M/N/S)6w 048b 341w 242b53
4641MMU (I)3b ½60w 2½40b 247w53
4742Adults for Chess Muhibbah (M)17b 061w 258b 340w53
4843Chung Ling A (M/S/6)5b 057w 422b 144w52
4944The Four Seasons (M/6)64w 46b 024w 143b52
50 Jaffolea Juniors (M/2)13w ½29b 1½59w 348b52
5146UKM (M/I)66b 43w 023b 138w52
5247Penang Free School Chess Club (M/S/6)10b 049w 161b 441b52
5348SMK St Paul (M/S/6)25b 040w 162b 445w52
5449Kids for Chess Independence (M/6)21w 047b 332w 1½50w2
5550Selangor Generasi 9 (M/N/6)62w 332b 1½14w 049b2
5651Dynamic (M)2b 066w 420b 053w42
5752Chess Power (M/2)15w 018b 064w 458b42
5853Kids for Chess SG Juniors (M/S/2)11w 024b 066w 451b42
5954Wonder Kids (M/2)31w 063b 418w 055b42
6055SJK(C) Kepong 2 (M/S/2)22b 023w 065b 454w42
6156UTM Omega (M/I/L)33w 064b 329w 059b32
6257Kids for Chess SG Girls (M/L/S/6)34w 043b 063w 360b32
6358Universiti Malaysia Pahang (M/I)9w 036b 242w 152w31
6459PCA Junior (M/N/2))19b 138w 145b 156w30
6560Kids for Chess Freedom (M/6)35w 141b 1½36w 057w0
6661Karisma Knights (M/6)28w 042b 247w 064b21
6762Kids for Chess Davidson (M/S/2)50b 137w 048w 063b10
6863University of Malaya 2 (M/I)26b 054w 057b 162w10
6964SK Satria Jaya, Kuching (M/S/2)44b 056w 152b 061w10
7065Sarawak U10 Team (M/S/2)30w 039b 055w 066b00
7166Kids for Chess Future (M/2)46w 051b 053b 065w00
73 Program Swiss-Manager developed and copyright © by DI.Heinz Herzog, 1230 Vienna Joh.Teufelg.39-47/7/9,
74,homepage, User:Malaysian Chess Federation, 2006/12/09

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