Monday, August 17, 2009

IM Mashafizul beat IM Maarten Solleveld !

After a disastrous lost last night, Mas play IM Maarten Solleveld (photo right) in round 3 tonight. Maarten is a sciencetifict assistant at one of local university in Holland. Below is my commentary based on the LIVE game from the official site.

Maarten photo from www.uni.math

IM Mashafizul vs, IM Maarten Solleveld
BDO, Round 3, 17.8.09

Analysed by Hairulov and Fritz 11

1. d4 Mas who play 1.e4 regularly before has recently widen his opening repertoire with the Queen Pawn game. 1...Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. g3 The Catalan Opening. A favourite weapon of former World Champion - Vladimir Kramnik. 3...d5 4. Bg2 dxc4 5. Nf3 Bd7 6. Ne5 Bc6 7.
Nxc6 Nxc6 8. O-O Qd7 9. e3 Rb8 10. Qe2 b5 11. b3 cxb3 12. axb3 White gambit a pawn early in the opening but he has strong pressure on the h1-a8 diagonal 12...Rb6 13. Bb2 a6 14. Rc1 Nb4 15. Nd2 Be7 16. Nf3 O-O 17. Ne5 Qc8 18. Bc3 Nfd5 19. Bd2 f6 20. Nf3 Rc6? Black should stop white from playing e4 so 20...f5 is necessary. 21. e4! Nb6 22. Bh3 Mas exploit black weak e6 pawn and threaten 23.d5 22...Kh8 23. d5 Rxc1+ 24. Rxc1 f5 25. exf5 N4xd5 26. fxe6 White's e6 pawn support by his bishop is really strong. He now thraten Ne5 -Nf7+ 26...c5 27. Ne5 Kg8 28. Nd7 Re8 29. Qh5 This move is strong enough but Fritz prefer 29.Ba5! maintaining the pressure 29...g6 30. Qf3 Probably 30.Qe5! threatening 31.Bh6 is much stronger 30...Rf8 31. Nxb6 31.Qe2 followed by 32.Bh6 is a strong alternative 31...Nxb6 32. Qf7+ Rxf7 33. exf7+ Kxf7 34. Bxc8 Nxc8 35. Be3 c4 36.bxc4 Ba3 37. Ra1 b4 38. Bc1 38.Bc5! is probably stronger because black's bishop on a3 will out of play and black his own pawn ( a-pawn) 38...Bxc1 39. Rxc1 Nd6 40.c5 Nb5 41.c6 Nc7 42.Rb1 a5 43. Ra1 Ke6 44. Rxa5 Kd6 45. Kf1 Kxc6 If Mas could capture black b-pawn safely he will win. 46.Ke2 Nb5 47.Kd3 Kc5 48.f4 Nimzowich rule: 'candidate in front'. If one side has extra pawn in a fight between connected pawns in one wing, the pawn which has no opposite number on its file usually advance first. In this case the f-pawn. This is to avoid the f-pawn being backward and difficult to progress. 48... b3 49.Ra4 b2Nice trap. Some patzer might fall into 50.Kc2?? b1=Q+ 51.Kxb1 Nc3+! and it's black who will win ! 50.Rc4+ Kd5 51.Rb4 1-0 Mas win. Bravo!!!

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