Thursday, August 27, 2009

Game of the Round !

Thanks to Andrew Ooi and Mr.Sirajuddin who provide me the games of round 4 and 5 to be analyse. Going trough the 4th round games, i found one beautiful game between 15 years old and still untitled Chinese player - Yu Yangyi against Armenian IM- Ashot Nadanian. Ashot Nadanian has two GM norm already.

Although in this game Ashost was in the receiving end, he produced a beautiful queen sacrifiece on move 16th .

Yu Yangyi (2510) vs IM Ashot Nadanian (2441)
DATMO 09, Round 4, 24.8.09
Analysed by Hairulov and Rybka 3
1. e4 d5 2. Nc3 d4 3. Nce2 e5 4. f4 Nf6 5. d3 Ng4 6. Nf3 Bb4+ 7. c3 dxc3 8.
bxc3 Bc5 9. d4 exd4 10. Nexd4 O-O 11. Bd3 Nc6 12. e5 Re8 13. Be4 Nf6 14. Bc2
Nd5 15. Nxc6 bxc6 16. Ng5 Qxg5 !
A beautiful queen sacrifiece 17. fxg5 Rxe5+ 18. Qe2 Believe it or not, white have to gave back his queen immedietly or else he would suffered for e.g :-
18. Kf1 Ba6+ 19. Bd3 Rf5+ 20. Ke1 Re8+ 21. Be2 Rf2 22. Be3 Nxe3 or ;
18. Kd2 Be3+ 19.Ke1 Bd4+ 20. Kf1 Ba6+ 21. Bd3 Rf5+ 22. Ke1 Re8+
18... Rxe2+ 19. Kxe2 Bg4+ 20.Kf1 Re8 Kf1 Re8 21. Bd3 Nxc3
Black has an active play for his exchange sacrifiece. My silicon friend - Rybka 3 prefer black position. 22. Bd2 Nd1 23. Rc1 Bb6 24. h3 Nf2 25. hxg4 Nxh1 Black now have 2 pawns advantage. However his knight on h1 is in danger of being trap! 26. Be1 White cover the knight escaped square at g3 26...Re5 alternative is 26... Re3 27. Be2 Ng3+ 28. Bxg3 Rxg3 29.Bf3 however black's rook on g3 looks like being caged 27. Bh4
Yu Yangyi (right) after playing 27.Bh4 against IM Ashot Nadanian (left)

Black rook's should have stay on e file for e.g with 27...Re6 to avoid white's king to move foward and at the same time open the way for his rook on c1 to attack black's knight 28. Bc4 Ra4? it's still not too late to go back to e-file with 28...Re5 29. Ke2 Now black s knight on h1 is in trouble. 29...a5 30. Bb3 Re4+ 31. Kf3 Re3+ 32. Kf4
a4 33. Bc4 Kf8?! better is to create a luft for his King with 33... g6 34. Rxh1 Rc3 35. Ba6 Ra3 36. Rd1 g6 Now the drawback of 33...Kf8 is clear. Black's can't take the pawn on a2 with 36...Rxa2?? because white will reply with 37.Rd8+ Ke7 38.g6! f6 39.gxh7! 37. Bc4
Rc3 38. Bd3 Ra3 39. Bb1 Rc3 40. Be1 Rc4+ 41. Kf3 Ke8 42. Bd3 Rc5 43. Bd2 Rd5
44. Bc2 a3 45. Ba4 Rd4 46. Bxc6+ Kf8 47. Ke2 Rxg4? A blunder. The pawn is poison 48. Bf3 White is still winning but he missed a chance to deliver a knocked out (K.O) with 48. Bc3! (48...threatening mate with 49.Bf6 and 50.Rd8++) 48... Rxg5 49. Bf6! and black have to give the rook with 49...Re5 to prevent mate. 48... Ra4 49. Bc3 1-0 Black beautiful Queen sacrifiece on move 16th was ruined by mistakes in the later part of the game.


chessssehs said...

correct spelling Nadanian, but not Nanadian

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Thanks chesssehs for pointing it. I have correct the name.