Friday, August 07, 2009

Chess Lecture about World Chess Champion Robert J. Fischer by US National Master Ron Gross (for 30 years Bobby’s closest friend)!

US National Master - Ron Gross will deliver a chess lecture about the late World Chess Champion - Bobby Fischer (photo right) during the Merdeka National Age Rapid lunchtime break . The Rapid tournament will be held on 26th August 2009 at CitiTel Hotel, MidValley, Kuala Lumpur.

I couldn't found any photo of Ron in the net , however i found an article about this man here

Below is an excerpt from the article ....

..." Ron recalls Fischer at the time wearing a large military-style dog tag around his neck which his mom had attached to him with all his vital information on it: name, address, phone number etc. Bobby would twist the dog tag nervously when he was losing. Fischer was skinny and fidgety but pleasant in a distracted way. Ron played a lot of five-minute chess with Bobby and won the majority of the games. At the time, Ron was rated over 2100 and Fischer's rating was in the 1700's though his strength was about strong Class A "......

This guy must be somebody...i'm looking forward to attend the session. Fischer is one of my favourite personality in chess. There's no doubt about his chess ability. Some say Kasparov is better then him but i disagree. Fischer alone conquered the chess world which was dominated by the Soviet players(Russian). He done it without chess second, Fritz. Rybka...trainer..whatsoever.

Source : Mr. Hamid Majid

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