Friday, August 14, 2009

Bye Bye Zack Zaheer

Zack Zaheer has just left the country for another assignment in Timbuktu (Timbuktu Chess League, naturally!) and will therefore be unable to delight us with his usual witty and incisive remarks in previewing the final round (round 18 DATCC League) this weekend.

He however wishes all the best to all the participating teams whose players havecontributed so immensely to the success of this inaugural tournament . He was amazed at the dedication of MBS boys and the Power Puff Girls and the tenacity of Camilia. He is of opinion that Nusa Mahkota Chess Club (NMCC) as a team should have shown more commitment in terms of displaying punctuality and the consistent fielding of a strong team. He hopes for the long term success of NMCC

He also sincerely apologises for often mixing up the name of Tan Li Ting and Yeoh Li Tian. Blame it on gender confusion.

He also suggested that the MAMAK team of Mohd Fairin, Ahmad Nazri, Mohd Saprin Ariffin, K amaluddin (aka 786 club) be more appropriately renamed KAM MAH’ (meaning Golden Horse) . This reflects chess(knight) and the team’s character(gold!?) better and, to fill in the missing letter H, they can swoop into the transfer market and purchase Hashim Jusoh of NMCC. MAMAK becomes KAM MAH, get it? ( they are then the 3rd consecutive team with ‘GOLD’ in their name- the top 2 teams being Gold Is and SMS Gold )

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