Sunday, August 09, 2009

Behind The Scenes of Mok- Ooi Match

Below is behind the scenes photos of the Mok - Ooi Malaysian Master Quarterfinal.

Dato' Tan Chin Nam- father of Malaysian Chess play with Andrew Ooi (right)

From left : Andrew Ooi, Mr. Wong ( Wong Zi Jing father), yours truly
Centre: Dato Tan Chin Nam

Dato' Tan play against Abdul Hamid Majid- Arbiter of the 2009 Malaysian Master Championship

Andrew Ooi in his element. He shared with me many useful blogging tools and tips.

Najib Abdul Wahab (standing) discussing with Mr. Hamid Majid about the coming Malaysian Open. Najib will be the chief arbiter for the 2009 Malaysian Open.

The spectators: Far right you can see Mr.Shirajuddin

Dato' Tan watch the game

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