Monday, July 20, 2009

DATCC Round 14 Preview by Zack Zaheer

Preview of round 14, 2009 DATCC League by Zack Zaheer( results of the earlier meeting in bracket)

Goldis vs Methodist Boy School (MBS) (4-0)

Goldis progress to be the champions is now right on track albeit a half a point slip at the hand of Tan and Tan. Tenacious seniors just refuse to give up and even IM Jimmy Liew was stretched to the limit . IM Liew’s superior end game technique paid dividends in his game against Bernard in a knight vs bishop end game. it will not be such a scenario against MBS and they can pack the boys off with relative ease without raising a sweat.

Likely score : 4 – 0

Persatuan Catur Wanita Malaysia (PCWM) vs The Spawn 2009 (2-2)

charitable wanita team which conceded the most number of walkovers will be easily the team to win ”Generously Contributing Team” award and to achieve that title they probably continue their charitable ways with more walkovers. Resurrected team spawn with Jax in top form with consecutive wins over Andrew and Ilhamuddin will be ready for any surprises in the wanita line up that may include WCM WFM WNM and also any WOM (“ Walk Over Master”).

Likely score : 0-4

Nusa Mahkota Chess Club (NMCC) vs 786 Chess Club (1 -3)

Nor Ilhamuddin was always the cool man in NMCC’ team but such coolness will be tested this Wednesday. The heat of the duel will also fully test the new air conditions installed at DATCC . with MAMAK (Mohd Fairin Ahmad Nazri Mohd Saprin and Ariffin and Kamaluddin ) not in any charitable mood , Nusa will be hard pressed to salvage something unless Nusa adopts a strategy of hit first and think later ( literally included) or add laxatives to 786 official drink TTM (register pending)( “Teh Tarik Mamak” )

likely score : 1.5 -2.5

DATCC vs Pricewaterhouse Coopers (0.5-3.5)

PwC's was unlucky not to capitalize the advantages of both the 3rd and the 4th board in the early part of their game in the encounter with SMS Gold. Against DATCC they probably be more adventurous and go for the kill and Andrew and co need to find a secret weapon to stop the annihilation.(secret fritz in Andrews pocket ?)

Likely score : 0-4

SMS Gold vs Tan and Tan (3-1)

SMS Gold’s again need the services of “James Bond” OOI , reliable and ever smiling as always (surprising considering his nature of work) to soothe the nerves of the rest of the team following SMS Gold’s loss of a precious point against PCW.(Mok’s tame draw- did not help either-) Ooi s cool and guidance are the way to go for SMS Gold team that now require extraordinary performances against extraordinary teams to sustain their challenge.
Will they rise to the occasion? To be champions they need to prove they are worthy winners on their own rights and not just hope others to fumble.

likely score : 4-0

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