Monday, July 06, 2009

DATCC Round 12 Preview by Zack Zaheer

Below is Zack Zaheer preview of DATCC Round 12 which will be held this Wednesday.

Sms Gold vs 786 Chess Club

786 Chess Club has a fine and balanced team but some inconsistency and erratic play cause it to lose some points earlier. Perhaps too tired after work? Even red bull unable to help them :). Still 786 best is yet to come and SMS Gold may find themselves at the receiving end . Kamaluddin fine and cool performance against Bernard of Tan & Tan last week should set the mood right for this weeks game. SMS has serious problem on board 3 with Ismail Ahmad losing focus.

Likely score : SMS Gold 786 Chess Club (2-2)

Goldis vs PCWM

The woman team consists of young talents are expected to give some resistance to hot favourites Goldis. But even without Mas, Yee Weng Goldis with ever dependable IM Jimmy Liew , Abdullah, Faruqi and Udani are still too good to give away any points.

Likely score : (4-0)

Nusa Mahkota Chess Club (NMCC) vs. Methodist Boy School (MBS)

The big boys can afford to take their feet off the pedal and still win comfortably. MBS has shown some fighting spirit especially with first board drawing the last game but Hairul and co and just a class above.

Likely score : (4-0)

The Spawn 2009 vs DATCC
Spawn has never won 4 nil any round so far and finally they are having all the players to do just that with Kaushal on board 4 and Yeohs in 2 and 3 with Jax on board 1 its just a matter of how they want dispose the rag tag team DATCC.

Likely score : (4-0)

Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Pwc) vs. Tan & Tan

Pricewaterhouse morale is high after unexpected win by their 2nd board against Abdullah. Tan and Tan put up a creditable fight last week but in the end they got only half a point against favourites 786 chess and it will be the same story against PWC .

Likely score : PWC - Tan & Tan (3.5 - 0.5)

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