Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zaidan Zulkipli at Rhein Main Open (update)

Rhein Mein Open 2009 in progress. Photo from Marten's Gallery

Below is Zaidan Zulkipli progress at the Rhein Main Open Open 2009. After 6 round, he has collected 3.5 points and will meet Michail Minz (FIDE 2131) in the final round today.

Round 4

Haral Stadtmueller (FIDE 2176) vs Zaidan Zulkipli (FIDE 1975) 1-0

Round 5

Stefan Gratzer vs Zaidan Zulkipli 0-1

Round 6

Zaidan Zulkipli vs Florian Busch (FIDE 1632) 1-0

Round 7

Michail Minz (FIDE 2131) vs Zaidan Zulkipli

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