Monday, June 29, 2009

DATCC Round 11 Preview !

Someone with nickname Zack Zaheer send me an email regarding his preview of Round 11 DATCC Team League 2009 this Wednesday ( 1st July 2009). I found it interesting, especially his preview about PCWM vs. NMCC !

Below is his preview for this week DATCC (Round 11).

Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PCW) vs Goldis

Goldis unexpected loss of a point through walkover against NMCC has put them in a difficult situation in their pursuit to be champions. Nevertheless Goldis will put that debacle at the back of their mind to go for a emphatic victory against PCW with out without their board 1player - Mas. with all around strength its difficult to see how they can stutter against PCW who after losing to 786 Chess Club want to redeem themselves.
Likely score 4 nil

The Spawn 2009 vs SMS Gold

Spawn would not have chosen a better time to meet SMS gold. with their convincing victory over TAN and TAN and for the fact that they are the team with best records against sms gold , spawn will make sure they go a little better than the earlier encounter .spawn performance will rely totally on father and giant killing son team to get the points not counting the fact that JAX may quietly get something for the team
likely score 2 all


MBS will definitely welcome their new board 4 -Jonathan and MBS are now no more a pushovers. DATCC cannot be expected to win let alone win convincingly.
likely score 2 all. MBS boleh

786 Chess Club vs Tan & Tan

Another 4nil win for 786 seems likely. the seniors are likely to buckle under pressure and hope is not to prolong the agony. NM Choo and IM Giam are playing well but the long time control easily unsettle them.Bernards draw against NM Yeoh in last round may spice up board 3


With too many walkovers PCWW may have to redeem their pride by putting their best against NMCC. NMCC got to get their full artillery's ready against a team with Nabila and Tan Li Tian in top form .still 4nil likely score if Hairul and co. stop thinking about blogging for a while and play to their strength.

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