Thursday, May 21, 2009

DATCC Team League - Round 5

20th May 2009 – The 5th round of the DATCC Chess League was held at Kompleks Wilayah , KL.
The pairing is as below :-

Round 5 pairing

Methodist Boy School (KL) vs GOLD IS

SPAWN 2009 vs Persatuan Catur Wanita Malaysia (PCWM)

786 Chess Club vs Nusa Mahkota Chess Club

Pricewaterhouse Coopers vs Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Centre (DATCC)

Tan & Tan vs SMS Gold


1st and 2 board : Spawn 2009 (left) vs PCWM (right)

3rd and 4th board : Tan&Tan (left) vs SMS Gold (right)

The 1st Malaysia National Champion - NM Choo Min Wang (photo above) in action against the 13th Malaysia National Champion - NM and FM Mok Tze Meng

3rd and 4th board: Spawn 2009 (left) vs PCWM (right)

My team (Nusa Mahkota Chess Club) meet the 786 Chess Club. As a team captain , I decide to rest my self and give my team mate chance to play :) . The pressure before the match was so intense that one of the 786 players jokingly said that he almost intend to hit and run ( with his car!) the Nusa Mahkota chess players who was walking at the parking bay before the game.

Fairin Zakaria (left) - 786 Chess Club vs Norilhamuddin ( right) - Nusa Mahkota Chess Club : 0-1

W: Fairin Zakaria vs B: NorIlhamuddin
DATCC League 2009, Round 5, 20.5.2009

Ilhamuddin is a pawn up. He won another pawn after 1... Qd1+ 2. Kg2 Qxe2! 3. Qxe2 Nxf4+Ilham collected another pawn 4. Kf3 Nxe2 5. Kxe2 Bd4 6. Bc8 b6 7. b4 Bxe5 Now black is three pawn up 8. Bb7 Bb2 Ilham choose to keep his pawn structure intact. Probably
better is creating another passed pawn with 8...c5! without worrying about the structure damage after 9.bxc5 bxc5...

...because white's will find it's more difficult to stop passed pawn on both wing compare to passed pawn on one only 9.Bxc6 Bxa3 10.b5 and the players play about a dozen of move before white resign 0–1

The Decider Game. - NM Kamal Ariffin (right) save a losing position and beat Muhammad Arshad (left)

At the end, the 786 chess team win by 3-1. Only Ilhamuddin won for Nusa's team while others lost. The score should have been 2-2 but unfortunately Muhammad Arshad who just arrived at Kuala Lumpur from Terengganu about one hour before the game lost against NM Kamal Ariffin. The game was totally dominated by Arshad but in time trouble, Arshad felt into a trap set by Kamal. However congratulation for Arshad for a great fight. And thanks to our opponents and my team mate who gave a good show. We are looking foward for a revenge in the next cycle - beware 786 !!!

This quote "Soviet mother are against playing chess" can be seen at one of the restroom door at DATCC. I wonder who really invent it - surely not Klara Kasparov!

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