Thursday, May 14, 2009

DATCC Team League 2009 - Round 4

13 May 2009 - Below are  photos taken from  the round 4 DATCC team League 2009. The event was held at the DATCC, Wilayah Kompleks, Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday .

Dato' Tan Chin Nam (right) warming up with Mr. Hamid Majid before  round 4  start.

IM Jimmy Liew (left) against Singaporean IM - Tan Lian Ann. Jimmy  like to dress and dye his hair according to what colour of pieces he play ..... joking :)

Bloggers - Andrew Ooi (gilachess) playing for DATCC team against ex-bloggers - Fairin Zakaria (petak64) playing for 786 team.

Yours truly (left)  in action against Indian GM -  Sasikiran look alike - Alvin Rodney  from Spawn 2009 team.

My team Nusa Mahkota Chess Club meet the Spawn2009 . We manage to win by a small margin 2.5-1.5 .

On board1 , Ilhamuddin held experienced player - Jax Tham into a draw. Aziz try hard to defend a position where his a pawn down with knight versus bishop endings against NM Yeoh Chin Seng . The former Olympiad team squezze slow but surely to collect the full point. I beat Alvin Rodney on board 3 and my friend Irwan won on board 4.

The problems when i'm playing in a  tournament is that i can't observe others games too much except.... my own  and my nearest  team mate games. So below is once again a position arise from  my 4th board team mate game - Irwan . At the end of the game,  Irwan was ahead in material however during my post game analyse with 786 team members ( Fairin, Saprin, NM Kamal Ariffin and Irman Ibrahim) we  found an interesting try  for white to split the point.

Yeow Sow Mun  vs Irwan Zulkenain
DATCC League 2009, Round 4, 13.5.2009

White is in serious trouble. His knight on e2 is being attack and pinned. So
the only worth move is to play the exchange sacrifiece with 1. Rxf7!  Nxf7 2.
Rxf7 ? better is 2. Qxf7+ Kh8 3. Nf4 2... Kh8  2... R8c4!! This brilliant tutup muka ( cover face) move was found by Mr. Saprin who prefer to use his head first rather then consult his
computer. By the way , Mr. Saprin own two computer shops at Bangi :) 3. Rxg7+!! This brilliant move was found by ...yours truly :) 3...Kxg7 and now after 4. Nf4...we analysed several options for e.g :- 

a)  4... h6 5. b5 g5 6. hxg5 hxg5 7. Qa3 gxf4 8. Qe7+ Kg6 9. Qe6+ Kh5 10. Qf5+ Kh6 11. Qf6+ perpectual !

b)  4...h5 5. a5 g5 6. Qa4 Rc6 7. Qb5 gxf4 8. Qg5+ Rg6 9. Qe7+ Kh6 10. Qf8+ Rg7 11. Qf6+ Kh7 12. Qf5+ Kg8 13.Qd5+ perpectual 

3. Bf3?? White can still fight with 3...Nf4 and the game  is still far from over   3... Rxe2+ 4. Bxe2 Qxe2+ 5. Kh3 and black resign in a few more move  0-1

Below are one of the position arise from round 3 game. 

FM Nicholas Chan (SMS Gold)  vs Mohd Irman Ibrahim (786 Chess Club)
DATCC Team League, Round 3 , 6.5.09

If you look at diagram below, you must have been thinking that Irman who is playing black  has just watch some old war movie where the King heroicly  lead his army in a war battle. In diagram below, black's  king is moving  towards  enemy line and after...

33... Bf6 ?  Nicholas attack with    34. Qc1+ f4 35.Qxf4+ Kg6 and the notation in the bulletin  end here. I beileve black resign here because he will lost his rook on b8 with 36.Qxb8  1-0


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