Saturday, April 04, 2009

Thailand Open 2009 - Mas and Ismail situation ....

According to Ismail Ahmad ( who i believe is the real Ismail Ahmad) who told in this blog shoutbox about the condition of Malaysian players in the ongoing Thailand Open 2009 , he and Malaysian no.1 - IM Mashafizul is having a not comfortable situation there.

They (Ismail and Mas) were placed by the travel agent to stay in a hotel quite far from tournament hall. I don't know how far but they have to pay about RM 30 for every trip ! Ismail also mentioned that if there's heavy traffic, they have to take the famous Thai Tut-Tut ( photo above). For comparison , others players stay at the tournament hotel - Aisawan Resort.

I this problem more or less conribute to Mas poor performance so far.

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