Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mamak time 2 - Autopsy

Mamak's analysis
White enjoys several advantages
1. He is playing with all his pieces
2. All his major pieces coordinate very well
3. Black has a serious back rank problem. The only piece that defends the back rank is his Rook on h8
4. Black's Queen and Knight are well centralized but lack of radio communication from other major pieces

The question that should come to your mind is can I deliver mate since the back rank is too weak? How do I eliminate the only defender? A very experience player can solve this puzzle very easily because the solution is very direct. You should have a little bit of fantasy in your head.

My suggestion is, draw arrows from f1 to f8 and from a1 to a8. Then you can easily see that from a3 the white's queen can simultaneously attack the a8 and f8 square. This is called a double attack in many tactical books.

Finally, you have to do a bit of calculation which in this case is pretty easy.

Play simple but not simpler ........... Luth Mikael

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zul's said...

Aku suka pasal draw arrow tu.. tips yang menarik!