Thursday, April 09, 2009

Free Give from a GM !

Below is a shock of the day in the first day of the Doeberl Cup 2009. In a game between Andrew Brown (FIDE 2085) against Iranian GM - Shojaat Ghane (FIDE 2415) , the GM put his queen en prise and have to resign immediately after his queen were captured !

Andrew Brown (2085) - GM Shojaat Ghane (2415)
Doeberl Cup 2009 (Round 1), 09.04.2009

Shojaat is a pawn down and his opponent seems to have the better game due to his more active knight. The game are far from lost, Shojaat can try to draw the game by simplfying with 30...Qxc6 31.Nxc6 Bb6 and pray for the best. However the GM shockingly give his much lower rated opponet a free "give" with 30...Ba5 ?? 31.Qxf6 1–0

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