Sunday, March 22, 2009

To many news to tell yet...

I'm in dillema! A positive dillema perhaps. At the moment, there's so many chess news/story for me to write and share which unexpectedlly cause me dillema to pick the first news to write !?

It's like you enter a critical position in a chess game where there's several good moves available but don't know which one to pick and in the end you find that you have already ( or nearly) lost on time ?!

Ok just to summarize about it, below are list of article that is already in my head...just waiting for my brain and finger to type it ......

  • ex-World Police Chess Champion - Ismail Ahmad attempt this coming Thursday ( 26th March) to create Malaysian Book of Records for the Most Simultaneous Chess Opponents ;

  • NMCC King's Indian Thematic 4/09 - won by Abdullah Che Hassan

  • NMCC Chess Talk : Chess Training by FM Peter Long ( 22nd March 2009)

  • MSSM 2009

  • Selangor Open 2009
  • The KL Chess League Open Team Championship 2009 in DATCC

  • An email from Fusion Excell Excutive Director - FM Mok Tze Meng about FusionExcel sponsor 50 Quantum Pendants as prizes to the 61st National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2009, jointly organized by the Singapore Chess Federation and the Civil Service Club @ Tessensohn.

  • etc...

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