Saturday, March 07, 2009

NMCC Blitz Thematic 2-09 : Chigorin Defense - Part 2

Below are the remaining photos during the NMCC Blitz Thematic 2-09 : Chigorin Defense held at Neo Manhattan Chess Centre last Friday night.

Mohd Irman Ibrahim (left) and Ahmad Nazri (right) - making a comeback into local chess scenes !?

Mohd Saprin Sabri (standing) - a special guest during the tournament act as the "live commentator". Among his comment is : "let see how player coach by local play against player coach by foreigner ( GM Eduard Gufeld) ". The players burst into laugh !

Below are one interesting position occur during the tournament.

Mohd Zambri Syarif vs Kamaluddin Yusof

NMCC Friday Night Blitz Thematic 2-09

Zambri (white) is leading a piece and should have won the game but Kamaluddin who is well known with his swindle resources try his best to confuse matter. I don't remember what Zambri's reply after the diagram above but Fritz gave the winning line as follow:-
1.Bxa8 ! 1.bxc3 Qxb7 is more or less equal. 1...cxb2 2.Rb1 bxc1Q 3.Rdxc1! This is the idea. A tricky one. Black has to spent a tempo to move his queen from being attack and then after 3...Qd6 And White bishop is safe after 4.Bb7 However in the actual game Zambri lost the game . I wonder how the game proceed after diagram above

"Blogger in duty" - Marcus yeoh equip with his mobile wireless at NMCC

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