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Ian Udani Win NMCC Friday Night Blitz Thematic 2-09 : Chigorin Defense !

Ian Udani (right) received the prize from Mr.Irwan Zulkanaen from NMCC for winning the NMCC Friday Night Blitz Thematic 2-09 (Chigorin Defense)

6 March 2009 - Ian Udani win the NMCC Friday Blitz Thematic 2-09 : Chigorin Defense last night. The single round robin tourney feautes a strong fields. Two National Master (NM) took part - NM Kamal Abdullah and NM Kamal Ariffin. Actually it could be three NM took part if NM ( and also FM) Peter Long who visit the centre earlier particpate but he unfortunately can't stay . Peter drop by to have a discussion with NMCC representative about a possible coopereation with NMCC but that will be another story.

The starting position for the 2nd Thematic tournament is the Chigorin Defense ( 1.d4 d5 2.c4 Nc6) which have been selected as the starting position ( with white to play) .You will find the board set up for this variant at the start of the game ( diagram below). So last night, all white player start the game on move 3! And black player start after white's 3rd move.

The Chigorin Defense
(1.d4 d5 2.c4 Nc6)

Back to the tournament, the list of the players is as follow:-

  1. NM Kamal Abdullah
  2. NM Kamal Ariffin

  3. Ian Udani

  4. Shamsol Bahrin

  5. Mohd Fairin Zakaria

  6. Kamaluddin Yusof

  7. Abdullah Che Hassan

  8. Ahmad Nazri

  9. Mohd Irman Ibrahim

  10. Zambri Syarif

  11. Khaushal Khandahar

  12. Khairul Annuar


NM Kamal Ariffin - Master of Chigorin Defense lost the final playoff against Ian Udani

Young Talent - Kaushal Khandahar

Earlier a disscusion between FM Peter Long (left) with NMCC representative were held

The tournament hall

Part 2 report will follow soon......

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