Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wong Zi Jing played in the 4 Nations Chess League !

Last night i chat with IM Wong Zi Jing (photo above) via facebook. He told me that i missed the news about him playing in the 4 Nations Chess League (4NCL) recently ! The Four Nations League is a team tournament over three divisions, with over 850 players taking part and almost £10,000 in cash prizes on offer. It is the most prestigious team chess event held in the United Kingdom.Two games are played in every two months or so.

Actually i didn't noticed at all that Zi Jing played in that event. Probably because 4NCL is not that famous such as the German Bundesliga but after surfing on the 4NCL official site, i found that the there's several top players playing... for example the top team Guirford fielded top GM's such as Emil Stuvosky and Laurent Fressinet !

Back to Zi Jing, he played 1st board for the Cambridge University team . He joined the Cambridge University team to play in the December 2008 season. His teammates is basically Cambridge alumni . He lost to a French GM and drew with an English IM. Not bad for someone who has been inactive for quite a while.

He also mentioned that he was very surprise when he checked the latest FIDE rating for Malaysians and found out that Francis Chin also played in the very same event!

According to Zi Jing he found that i didn't noticed a small drop on his latest FIDE rating publish recently. Yes Zi Jing .. i really missed it..if not... i must definitely blog about it!

Anyway, below are his draw against a well known English IM - Richard Palliser. The author of the Fighting the Anti Sicilians book which i have a copy and is now with Fairin Zakaria !...:) p/s : don't worry Fairin..i didn't really use the book so can continue using it . Just to make a stupid point that i have one of Richard Palliser books !

Zi Jing photo from facebook

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Ultimate_Cefiro said...

Hi Hairul, I'm Edward Gan Ka Yaw. Do you know Zi Jing?? I'm one of his chess ex-teammate back in primary and secondary school, also an ex-classmate of his brother, Wong Zi Wei.I wonder if you have their contact?? Thank you.