Monday, February 23, 2009

NMCC Blitz 1-09 - Winner Take All !

Yesterday after the chess talk by National Master Kamal Abdullah , NMCC organised a blitz winner take all tournament. 8 players took part in this mini round robin blitz tournament. The players paid RM 10 each and the Champion will receive 70% of the collected fees . No prize for second or third so there must be a sole winner - the concept is winner take all ...not all really because 30% will be given to the organiser for operating cost.

NM Kamal Abdullah (left) is the Champion of NMCC Winner Take All 1/09 !

The players competing is the 1st seed - NM Kamal Abdullah, Mohd Zambri Syarif , Shukeri Shukor, Mohd Irwan Zulkanean, Shamsol Bahrin, Khairul Annuar, Mohd Arshad and yours truly.

Below are the crosstable.

As expected, the 1st seeded - NM Kamal Abdullah won the torney quite easily. He collect 6.5 points from 7 rounds. He only concead a draw against Shamsol Bahrin when his flag fell but fortunately Sam only have a king left.

The second place goes to yours truly and Shukeri Shukor who both score 5 points each. However as i mentioned, the re's no price for second place ! Below is one of the interesting position occur in my game against Zambri :-

Hairulov vs Zambri Syarif
NMCC Winner Take All, 1-09

In my game against Zambri, i managed to turn the table in a very difficult and hopeless position. After blundering a piece in the middlegame, i try my best to hold the game and to confuse matter. Fortunately i found ....

19.Rxh7! 19... Kxh7? also bad is 19...Nxh7 20.Qxg6+ Kh8 21.Qg7# checkmate ; black only hope to prolong the game is by giving the queen with 19...Qf7 but after 20.Rxf7 Kxf7 21.Nh6+ white has a clear advantage. 20.Qh6+ black resign because of 20...Kg8 21.Qg7# checkmate 1–0

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