Sunday, February 15, 2009

Malaysian Chess History Update : Simuls in Malaysia

In this cozy Sunday morning, i glanced trough a chess book written by our first IM - Jimmy Liew , title - Chess Malaysia which was first published in 1986. Thanks to the owner of this book - Ilhamuddin who borrowed it to me ...- i hope he won't charge for late return :) . One interesting fact i read is about simultaneous chess display by international players held in Malaysia. excerpts from the books :-

..." The first local simul by a grandmaster was given by World Champion, the late Dr.Max Euwe in the 60's. Then there was a visit by Soviet Champion, the late Alexander Kotov followed by American Champion - John Grefe in 1975. Grandmaster Fridik Olafsson of Iceland and Raymond Keene of England also gave many simuls on their visit here a few years back...."

IM Jimmy Liew , Chess Malaysia 1986

Now this would be an interesting facts for me to update my Malaysian Chess History . However i would appreciate if anybody could feed me with more details about the events. For e.g what the exact years for the Dr.Max Euwe, GM Fridik Olafsson and Raymong Knee simul ?

Details can be submit to me by email or just leave a comment in this article.

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