Sunday, February 08, 2009

Klang Open 2009 - Final Standing

Thanks to the organiser - Mr.Azhar Mohd Said, below is the final results for the Klang Open 2009 which was held yesterday . Interesting fact about the tournament is the tourney saw 411 players participate including 4 foreign players . The foreigners are from the Philippines , Myanmar, Zambia and Indonesia. Of course the Filipino - Ian Udani who live here is a frequent guess in our local chess scenes . However for the rest , i only noticed one of them which looks like an African, so he must be the Zambian. Being at the tournament for only about half an hour , i couldn't noticed the Burmese and the Indonesian, however from the final standings i can guess their names. The Zambian must be Kaoma Kateule and April Pyone Maung Maung - the Burmese. The Indonesian is hard to guess because their names is similar with Malaysian Malay.

Ian Udani ( far left) in his last round game against Kamaludin Yusof ( result - draw 1/2 - 1/2)

The players wearing the red cap and white shirt must be Kaoma Kateule from Zambia.

Below is the link for the full standing of each group.

1. Click Open Section

2. Click Under 18 Section

3. Clik Under 12 Section

4. Click Paid Under 12 Section

In the final round pairing (photo below) , the champion - Ong Thian Loo with 7 point meet FM Anas Nazreen Bakri ( 6 points) . If you click the open section final standings, you will see that both Ong Thian Loon and FM Anas Nazreen collect 7 points each so Anas must have beat Thian Loo in the final round. However Thian Loo have the better tie-break and was declared as the champion.

click the image for larger view

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