Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be Punctual or...0 point you get !

I read an interesting information about "zero start" rule from sifumycatur blog. It's about an important change by FIDE in waiting time rule at the start of a chess game . As i know, the rule about waiting time is unclear- at least for me. What i mean is a clear guideline of waiting time for a player if your opponent happen to turn up late.

I remember one of my own experience playing in Merdeka Team Tournament in 90's. My opponent turn up late and have 5 minutes left and i have about 1 hour but he still be allowed to play. My opponent is quite a strong player but i managed to win the game because of time factor. In another case, one of my friend which i will not mentioned his name :) ...always had problem with time . In many occasions whether a long or rapid time control he will came up late and usually had about 5 minutes left but....still won the games!

This time FIDE won let this kind of situation happen anymore. So be punctual guy's ..if not ....0 point you get !

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