Saturday, February 28, 2009

Abdullah Che Hassan Win The NMCC Blitz Thematic 1/09 : Sicilian Dragon !

Abdullah Che Hassan ( right) received the cash prize from Shamsol Bahrin for winning the 1st NMCC Blitz Thematic Tournament : Sicilian Dragon. You can spot a disappointed face of the NMCC owner - Shamsol Bahrin ( left) who lost the play-off final against Abdullah :)

28th February 2009 - Abdullah Che Hassan emerged as the winner of the first edition of the (Neo Manhattan Chess Centre) NMCC Blitz Thematic Tournament held at the NMCC, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur last night. This thematic chess tournament is a tournament with every game is played with a certain opening variant. And last night, Sicilian Dragon position ( below) have been selected as the starting position ( with white to play) .You will find the board set up for this variant at the start of the game. So all white player start the game on move 8! And black player start after white's 8th move.

Seven players took part in this double round robin blitz tournament with 5 minute time control for each player. Many interested players couldn't make it to the tournament because of last minute announcement by NMCC and we feel highly regret for it.

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