Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stonemaster Mini Rapid Tourney Final Result...My Mistake!

As all of you probably know, has already post the final result of the Stonemaster MINI Rapid Tourney which was held on 24th December 2008 at the Excell Chess Academy (ECA) OUG, Jalan Kelang Lama. When i went trough the final results, i spot a mistake in my final score. I actually score 4 points from 6 games but the final result show that i only collect 3 points. I sms Fadli Zakaria - the organiser and told about the mistake and Fadli check it immedietly. In a few minutes, Fadli confirm that there's a "mistake" and my claim is correct however the mistake is not on the organiser part but infact it is on my part !.... Why?.... because Fadli told me that i didn't check the final result and didn't made an official complain after the result was announced.

Fadli Zakaria is keying the players names during the registration

For me, Fadli has made the correct desicion. During the tournament he repeatly remind all the players that the arbiter desicion is final - even a mistake desicion ! What he probably means is that if there's a dispute, the arbiter will try their best to solve it according the rules and usually the desicion has to be made in a very short time. So every chess player have to understand and accept the arbiter desicion.

One of the chess mum who is happy to support her sons in this tourney!

To recall back the scenario after the last round, i and many of the participants is helping the organiser packing the chess set and clocks to prepare for the prize giving ceremony . Although i look briefly the final standings , i didn't pay very much attention on it because i actually play this tournament for fun and to support the organiser. 4 points usually give a reasonable chance to get the top 5 prize for the Pro category but probably my tie break is not good enough.

After Fadli explained the desicion to me, he gave a "compensation" for the "mistake" which is a free entrance fee for me in the next Stonemaster MINI tournamrnt ! Not bad huh !

About the games, in a quick time control tournament, it's almost impossible to recall back any of the game especially the games you lost :)... but there's certain position that i remember for example the two position below.

Hairulov - Jason Lim
Stonemaster MINI Rapid Tourney (Round 4), 24.01.2009

Below are the critical position arise in my 4th round game against Jason Ng. It have been about 10 years since we meet and play against each other. During the 90's, i always hang around with blitz guru and addicts such as Abdul Razak Saidin, Jamalul Husaini, the late Agus Salim, Rusdi Sidi , Jason and others at the Stof Dayabumi, Kuala Lumpur and at the Plaza Putra - an underground food, leisure, and entertainment complex below Dataran Merdeka . Jason speciality is in blitz so the time control use in this tourney suit his style best. Jason won the 5th prize in the amatuer category.

Jason Lim with his typical blue shirt

I was in severe time trouble in the critical position below . My queen is defending passively on the kingside, my rook lost connection against each other. To make thing worse, black heavy piece - the queen and the rooks is all in the ideal place. However i found a strong idea with...

1.b5!...Jason was quite shock with this move and praised it after the game. 1... axb5 2.a6 ! another freeing move. 2...bxa6 3.Rxc6 The idea is to create the dangerous passed c- pawn ! 3...e5?! A total bluff by Jason but i panicked at that time and play 4.g5 there's nothing wrong with this move but stronger is taking the pawn with 4.dxe5! Actually i was afraid of 4...d4 Threatening 5...dxe3 but white still got the upperhand after 5.Rc8+ Rf8 (5...Kh7 6.g5 hxg5 7.Qxg5 Qd3 8.e6 Ra7 9.Qd8 Kh6 10.e7) 6.Rxf8+ Kxf8 7.c6 Rf7 (7...Ke7 8.c7 Kd7 9.Rc1 Kc8 10.g5) 8.exd4 should win for white 4...R3f5?! 5.gxh6? Practicaly, i have lost all my advantage with this move. The correct move is 5.Rc8+! Rf8 6.Qxd5+ Kh8 7.Rxf8+ Rxf8 8.Qxe5 5...Qxh5 6.Rc8+ 6.Rg6 gave equal chance 6...Kh7 7.Qh2?? The desicive blunder. 7. f4 is nessacary though black still has the better game. Rg5+ 8.Kh1 Qf3+0-1 9.Qg2 Qxg2#

Below is one of my win.

Sarika Subramaniam - Hairulov
Stonemaster MINI Rapid Tourney (Round 6), 24.01.2009

In the position below, both of us had little time left but my position is clearly winning. Sarika could try to prolong the game with stuborn play for e.g 1.Kf2 gxf4 2.Rb7... but she made it short by playing...

1.Kg4?? "commiting harakiri (seppuku) " - according to Jax Tham 1...h5# checkmate 0–1

Dr.Wan Noorasmara (left) handing the prizes to Mr.Fadli Zakaria (photo from )

Before i forget, i would like to record my appereciation to Dr Wan Noorasmara who sponsor the prizes for the tournaement. He unfortunately couldn't attend to the tournament because of his job commitment. His generousity is always appericiated by many of local chess fans.


Mohd Zambri said...

Uniknya position Hairulov lawan Jason nih... Camana Rook boleh terpenjara kat b6?

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Hairulov memang "self-jail" rook tersebut...sebab Hairulov nampak idea pawns sac tu je yg tinggal.

Hairulov punya centre and kingside dah takde chance nak create counterplay

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Cara hairulov self-jail rook tu ialah dengan buat rook lift. Mula2 pawn tu kat b2. Lepas tu hairulov main Ra3-b3-b6 and then push pawn to b4.