Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rooting for Wesley So and Nigel Short !

In a few hours, the first Super GM Tournament for this year - Corus 2009 will start. It's my dream some day to watch my fellow countryman play in this kind of tournament so that i can follow his/her progress enthusiastically. However i believe that will not happen in the near future so what the best i can do it is to root for someone "close" to my country which is Wesley So (photo right) - the chess prodigies ( and GM!) from the Philippines. He is the only ASEAN player invited to play in this tournament and he will be playing in the C group as seeded no.1.

Another player i love to watch is Nigel Short - the former "Vice "World Champion. Although his play is not as strong as before, his always involve in a lively and always controversial issue in any tournament his involve. Probably that's way the organiser keep inviting him for this tournament. His last year "no handshake incident" with Ivan Cheparinov - Topalov seconds is the highlight of the tournaments ! Short (photo left) will be playing in the B group.

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