Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Player Caught Cheating in the 2008 Australian Open Chess Championship!

A young chess player who was taking part in the Under 1600 Australian Chess Open was caught cheating when he was found using his hand held program in the restroom during his game. He actually visit the rest room 6 times during that particular game. Read the full article at the Closet GM blog

Below is an interesting excerpts from lousy at chess blog - another Aussie chess blog regarding the issue :-

..."Suspicions were first aroused when he was seen visiting the toilet no less than 6 times in 20 moves.The Arbiter was later notified and he was subsequently "tailed" by the Deputy Arbiter the next time he went to the bathroom. It was moments later when he was then caught red-handed with the hand-held computer (Chess Master) . The Arbiter subsequently expelled him from the tournament"....

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