Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PJCNT 08 - Chess Puzzle (2)

Below is one of an interesting position happen in the last round game of the Pencarian Jaguh Catur Negeri Terengganu 2008 (PJCNT 2008) which concluded last month.

W: David Gates (1738) vs B: Mustafa Kamal (2121)
Round 9, PJCNT 2008,
Black to play

In the actual game Mustapa choose the obvious move 11...f6. However he missed a stronger move which could win almost immediately. Can u find it? As usual don't use your chess programme if you want to test your tactical ability .


Mohd Ilmi Hidayat Bin Yunus said...

no answer...best move is Nc6

Encik Sudin said...

Black best move is 1... QKtB3 ... attacking the white bishop. If (a) 2.KtxKt PxKt, (b) 2.BxP RKt1

iwanz said...

best move is c4.win a piece