Monday, January 12, 2009

PJCNT 08 - Chess Puzzle (1)

Below is the 1st round game between Malaysian no.1 - IM Mashafizul against Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli in the first round of the Pencarian Jaguh Catur Negeri Terengganu 2008 (PJCNT 2008) which concluded last month.

W: IM Mashafizul Helmi (2439) vs B: Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli
PJCNT 2008 (Round 1)
White to play

White is of course better. Try to find the quickest way to win for white. Don't use your chess software if you want to improve your tactical ability. Answer will be provide tommorow.


Encik Sudin said...

1.Qg5 threatening Qxh6 said...

1. Rxh6+ Kxh6 2.Qg5+ Kh7 3. Qh4++

Encik Sudin said...

1.Rxh6 is the quickest... 1.Qg5 is the alternative said...

yer2.. betul tu en sudin.. mau membunuh dengan cepat, atau mau mendera perlahan2?