Monday, January 05, 2009

Missing In Action (MIA) Chess Players

When i start to play chess tournaments in the early 90's , several local chess names appeared frequently in local chess newspaper column. Names such as FM Eric Cheah, Mohd Noor Yahya, Geraldine Johns Putra, Eliza Hanum and Eliza Hanim was once a "big" names in local chess scence. If my memory serves me well, FM Erich Cheah has retired from chess and concentrate on his career as a lawyer. Same goes to former national player - Mohd Noor Yahya who i've been told - hold a managerial post at Ambank.

Geraldine Johns Putra - ex Women Malaysia top players has changed her nationality to Australian and according to my fellow blogger, she's married and settle down in UK.

Many would still remember two lovely sisters, Eliza Hanum Ibrahim and Eliza Hanim Ibrahim. Between the two of them, they won the Women National Champion title four times between 1993 and 1997. Eliza Hanum (photo right) is former Women National Champion and ex Asian girl under 16 champion (photo right) has retired and same goes to her sister - Eliza hanim Ibrahim who was also a Women National Champion . Both are daughters of Vice President of MCF - Mr.Ibrahim Abu Bakar .

Another interesting players is the Farid's family. I still remember during the middle of 90's - the Farid's family dominated local junior chess scence. Their kids ( Effahwira, Effahrin and their sister which i forgot their names) can be compared like the current Azman Hisham's family( Nabila, Nabil, Nur Najiha ) . The Farid's family totally "dissapeared" from local chess scence about 10 years ago.

If anyone had any info about this players, i will appreciate it if you could share about their recent develepment .


muhammad arshad said...

Effalini n effalina this two sister speak fluent mandarin

MINORNITA21 said...

effahrin still study n active in his university