Saturday, January 17, 2009

Corus 2009 Start Today !

The 1st Super GM Tournament for this year will start tonight . The tournaments is the Corus tournament which will be held from 17th January till the 1st February 2009 at Wijk aan Zee - a small town in north Holland . The tournaments will be devided into three GM groups - A,B and C.

Groups A will feature top ellite GMs such as Ivanchuk, Carlsen, Morozevich, Wang Yue etc. For Philipines and ASEAN chess fan, GM Wesley So will compete in group C as the first seed!

For me, i will follow the game live on ICC with chess commentaries from Mig Greengrad and well known GM's such as "former" top ten player - GM Peter Svidler and experience GM's such as Joel Benjamin, Nick DeFirmian, Larry Christiansen and others.

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