Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tariq and Nur Nabilla is the 2008 National Junior Champion !

Muhammad Tariq Amru (photo right) create an upset by winning the first National Junior Champion which concluded today at the Pearl Shopping Mall, Jalan Kelang Lama, Kuala Lumpur. There was a tie between Tariq and Sumant Subramaniam who both finished with 7.5 points from 9 round but Tariq won the title based on superior tie-break .

In the women section , Nur Nabila Azman Hisham (photo left) won the National Junior Master(Girl) title after finishing with 7.5 points.

Tariq victory is quiet an upset considering that the tournament features top favourites such as the current National Champion and Dresden Olympiad player - NM Edward Lee and 2007 Singapore International Challenger Open Champion - Justin Ong ! Edward had to settle with the best under 16 prize after finishing with 7 points while Justin finished with 6.5 points to win the 4th place in overall standings.

The closing ceremony was officiated by the President of Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) - Tan Sri Dato' Seri Diraja Ramli Ngah Talib .

Special thanks to Mr.Desmond from the Pearl Shopping Complex management who provide the place for the tournament and the MCF officials such as Mr. Ibrahim Abu Bakar (Deputy President) , Gregory Lau (Hon Secretary), Mr.Hamid Majid (MCF) and others like Marcus Yeoh and Jax Tham who successfully organised the tournament. I missed Uztaz Abdul Rahman name who according to Marcus, the tournament will not run smoothly without him.

The winners posed with the VIP's

For complete result visit MarcusYeoh blog.

p/s : I'll posted selected last round games with photo reports soon !

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