Saturday, December 20, 2008

Round 7 - KL Open 2008

Below are the round 7 photos of the KL Open 2008, held in Commonwealth Hall ,Majlis Sukan Negara, Bukit Jalil.

The backdrop stated that the main trophy will be the DYTM Raja Nazrin Shah Trophy.

Dewan Komanwel or Commonwealth Hall is the tournament hall for the KL Open 2008

IM Wang Rui of China

Round 7 Table 1 saw GM Filippov Anton (left) beat GM Bong Villamayor (right) 1-0

IM Gokhale Chandrasekhar (FIDE 2332) from India

Hakiki Kaiser Jenius (FIDE 2189) - from Indonesia is brother to WGM to be - Irene Sukandar !

Did Justin Ong forget that there's no time increment?

Justin Ong (photo right below) was beaten by India WIM Meer Sai (FIDE 2155) (left) in the 7th round. I witness how the games ends and i was amused why Justin "let" his time drop easily. Actually in the time scramble ( both have about 1 minutes each) , Justin had about 10 seconds more but somehow he"freeze" and lost on time. Probably he was to used to play with increment time control and "forgot" about his time whereas the Indian WIM blitz her moves.

WIM Meera Sai (2155) - Justin Ong (2044)
KL Open 2008 (Round 7), 19.12.2008

Below was the critical position i witness during the game. Both players are in serious time trouble and have around 1 minutes each . If i'm not mistaken below is how the game ends.

1...Qd1+ 2.Kh2 d2 3.Rc5 Not just preventing Qh5+ by black, white also plan to play Rg5 and later Rxg7 3...Qe2 4.Rg5 Kh8?? A blunder that turn the table. 4...h6 making more room for his king is the winning move. 5.Rxg7+ Kxg7 6.Qe5+ Kg8 7.Qg3+ Kh7 and white have no more check left and black should win. 5.Rxf7 1–0 And Justin time drop in already difficult position. In fact Fritz announced mate in 9# (maximum)

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