Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bloggers United !

I was so pleased to read two article in the Unofficial KL Open blog and the Malibay Chess Club blog ( a Philippines chess blog) regarding the unofficial site. The blog being praised for feeding the chess hungry fans with information and update on the tournament. Although the content is not that ideal, but it is more or less... spark the excitement towards the tournament.

The official site unfortunately was a little bit late on publishing the update. This was probably because of short of man power but i look that they are starting to catch up since the rest day. The official site start feeding the latest results , photos and news . Good works guys...i know you all are working hard to feed hungry and "FAT" chess fans who sit in front their computers waiting the latest updates every single second ...and criticise for any delay or mistake...:) Don't we remember when chess information is available once a week during the pre - Internet age ?

And now every single second late is consider as a failure in this Internet age ?!

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