Thursday, November 20, 2008

Round 7 : Malaysia lost to Egypt 0-4 !

Malaysia were beaten 0-4 by the Egyptian last night in the 7th round of the 2008 Dresden Olympiad.

As expected by all local chess pundits, IM Jimmy Liew was being rested for this round and was replaced by Edward Lee . However the Egyptian lead by World Junior Champion - GM Ahmed Adly proved to strong for our team when he beat Malaysia no.1 - IM Mashafizul in board 1. The others Egyptian players also didn't show any mercy when they won on all four board !

Our best performer so far - FM Lim Yee Weng who is unbeaten before the round 7 game started registerd his first lost against GM Amin Bassem.

Board 1

GM Adly Ahmed (2586) - IM Mas Hafizulhelmi (2439) [A00]
Dresden Olympiad (7), 20.11.2008

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.g3 d5 3.Bg2 c6 4.0–0 Bf5 5.d3 h6 6.b3 Nbd7 7.Bb2 e6 8.Nbd2 Bh7 9.e4 !? An interesting pawn sacrifiece by Adly. I'm not sure whether this is still thoery or just plain novelty but Fritz gave 3 lines : 9.c4; 9.Qe1; 9.Re1 . However Adly pawn sacrifiece did gave him strong initiative as you can see in the next few moves.

9...dxe4 10.dxe4 Nxe4 11.Nxe4 Bxe4 12.Re1 Bxf3?!

Probably this increase white development tempo. White queen is now develop actively and leaving the space for Rad1 controling the d file. Better should be 12...Bh7 keeping eye on b1-h7 diaganol and pressure pawn on c2. 13.Qxf3 Qg5 14.Rad1 Qg6 15.Qf4 0–0–0 16.Be4 f5 17.Bxc6 !A powerfull sacrifiece that tear a part black defense 17...bxc6 18.Qc4 Nc5 probably better is 18...Nb8 - defending the c6 and a6 square. 19.Rxd8+Kxd8 20.Rxe6 Qh5 although White still have a strong initiative 19.b4 Qg4 20.Rxd8+ Kxd8 21.Qxg4 fxg4 22.bxc5 Kd7 23.Rd1+ Kc8 24.Re1 Kd7 25.Re4 h5 26.Bd4 Rh7 27.Rf4 Ke8 28.Be3 g5 29.Re4 Kd7 30.Rd4+ Kc8 31.Bxg5 Rf7 32.Rc4 e5 33.h3 gxh3 34.Be3 Be7 35.Kh2 Bd8 36.Re4 Rf5 37.Kxh3 Kd7 38.Ra4 a5 39.Kg2 Ke6 40.Ra3 Rf7 41.Rd3 Be7 42.Rb3 Bd8 43.Rb8 Kd7 44.Ra8 Rf5 45.f3 h4 46.gxh4 Rh5 47.Kg3 Bf6 48.Kg4 Rxh4+ 49.Kf5 Rh3 50.Ra7+ Kc8 51.Kxf6 Rxf3+ 52.Kxe5 Rxe3+ 53.Kd6 Kb8 54.Rxa5 Kb7 55.Ra4 Rc3 56.Rb4+ Ka7 57.Kc7 Ra3 58.Kxc6 Rxa2 59.Kc7 Ka6 60.c4 Ra5 61.c6 Ra1 62.Kb8 1-0

Board 2

FM Lim Yee-Weng (2396) - GM Amin Bassem(2560) [A00]
Dresden Olympiad (7), 20.11.2008

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.d4 g6 3.Bf4 Bg7 4.Nbd2 0–0 5.e4 d6 6.Be2 Qe8 7.0–0 Nbd7 8.h3 e5 9.dxe5 dxe5 10.Be3 b6 11.c3 Bb7 12.Qa4 a6 13.Bd3 Nh5

Black play a typical king side manuver in the King Indian Defense . ...f5 is in the menu sooner or later 14.Rfe1 Kh8 15.Qc2 Nf4 16.Bf1 Ne6 17.Ng5 f5 18.Nxe6 Qxe6 19.f3 f4 20.Bf2 g5 21.Bc4 Qg6 22.Kf1 h5 23.Ke2 Rad8 24.Rad1 Nf6 25.Nb3

25...Nxe4! Unexpected and a powerfull move by the Egyptian! Even Fritz didn't consider it at first but after i execute this move, Fritz re-evaluate it as it main chooise ! 26.Bd3 Ng3+ 27.Bxg3 e4 28.Bxe4 Bxe4 29.fxe4 fxg3 30.Rxd8 Rxd8 31.Nd2 Bh6 32.Rd1 g4 33.hxg4 Rf8 34.Rf1 Qxg4+ 35.Nf3 Re8 36.Re1 h4 37.Kf1 h3 38.Kg1 Rd8 39.e5 Qh5 40.e6 Qc5+ 41.Kh1 Rg8 42.Ne5 Qf2 43.Nf7+ Kg7 Yee Weng is winning ! correction - Yee Weng is losing :( i stupidly thought that he is playing black ! 44.Qxf2 gxf2 after 45.Rf1 Be3 black is clearly winning. White rook is passively place to guard black passed pawn on f file whereas his own passed pawn (e6) is shacky. 45.Rd1 Kf6 46.g4 Be3 47.g5+ Kxe6 0–1

Board 3

IM Ezat Mohamed(2425) vs FM Mok Tze Meng (2308)
Dresden Olympiad (7), 20.11.2008

1.d4 g6 2.c4 Bg7 3.e4 d6 4.Nc3 Nc6 5.d5 Ne5 6.Be2 Nf6 7.Nf3 Nxf3+ 8.Bxf3 0–0 9.Bg5 a6 10.0–0 Rb8 11.Rc1 c5 12.a4 Bd7 13.Be2 Ne8 14.f4 b6 15.Re1 Nc7 16.Bf1 Bd4+ 17.Kh1 Re8 18.e5 f6 19.Bh4 Rf8 20.Rc2 b5 21.e6 Be8 22.axb5 axb5 23.Ne2 bxc4 24.Nxd4 cxd4 25.Qxd4 Ba4 26.Rcc1 Bb3 27.Bxc4 Rb4 28.Qc3 Rxc4 29.Qxb3 Rxf4 30.Bg3 Rf5 31.Red1 Na6 32.Qb7 Nc5 33.Rxc5 dxc5 34.d6 exd6 ??

a blunder in time trouble. With hindsight, 34...Qa8 is the correct defense, for e.g 35.Qxe7 Qd5! With great drawing chances. Check with your computer yourself :) Ok let me ( Fritz!) give some variation 36. Rg1 [ 36.Ra1 Qd3! threatening checkmate on f1 37.Kg1 (37.h3?? lost to 37...Qxg3!) 37...Qe3+ = ] 36.35.e7 Qc8 36.exf8Q+ Qxf8 37.h3 Qf7 38.Qc8+ Kg7 39.Bxd6 h5 1–0 Mok resign

Board 4

NM Edward Lee vs FM Abdel Razik Khaled(2406)
Dresden Olympiad (7), 20.11.2008

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Be7 4.Nf3 Nf6 5.Bd3 c5 6.dxc5 dxe4 7.Nxe4 Nxe4 8.Bxe4 Qxd1+ 9.Kxd1 Bxc5 10.Ke2 Nd7 11.Be3 Bxe3 12.fxe3 Nc5 13.Bd3 f6 14.b4 Na4 15.Bb5+ Bd7 16.Bxa4 Bxa4 17.c4 e5 18.Nd2 0–0–0 19.Nb3 Be8 20.h3 Bh5+ 21.g4 Bf7 22.Nd2 Bg6 23.Rad1 Bd3+ 24.Ke1 h5 25.g5 Bc2 26.Rc1 Bf5 27.h4 Rd3 28.Nf1 Bg4 29.gxf6 gxf6 30.Rh2 f5 31.Rd2 Ra3 32.Kf2 f4 33.Re1 Rf8 34.Kg2 Rg8 35.Kh2 Be6 36.Rc2 Bf5 37.Rd2 a5 38.bxa5 Kb8 39.Ree2 Bd3 40.Rg2 Rg4 41.Kg1 Bxf1 42.Kxf1 Rxe3 43.Rde2 Rc3 44.Rxg4 hxg4 45.Rxe5 g3 46.Rg5 Rxc4 47.h5 Rc1+ 48.Kg2 Rc2+
?! Edward should not defend this position passively. [49.Kf3 blockading black connecting passed pawn is more active and create more problem for black for e.g 49...Rh2 (49...Rxa2 50.Kxf4) 50.Kxf4 g2 51.h6] 49...Rxa2 50.Rf5 Rh2 51.Rxf4 Rxh5 52.a6 bxa6 53.Rg4 Kb7 54.Kf1 Rf5+ 55.Ke2 Rf2+ 56.Kd3 Rg2 57.Kc4 Rg1 58.Rg7+ Kb6 59.Rg6+ Ka5 60.Kb3 Kb5 61.Rg4 Kc5 62.Kb2 Kd5 0–1

Overall result
Malaysia vs Egypt : -

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