Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NM Kamal Abdullah Win Sarawak Open 2008 ! - The Empire Strike Back!

NM Kamal Abdullah - 3rd from left and...skinhead!? posed with the official and the organiser.

Thanks to gilocatur blog, NM Kamal Abdullah "former" Malaysian top player win the just concluded Sarawak Open 2008 yesterday which were held in Kuching from 31st october - 3 rd November 2008. He narrowly won the tournament after collecting a better tie break then Ian Udani - a strong Pinoy who has won local tournament after tournament recently. This year Sarawak Open is quite strong especiaaly when you see big name such asthe top seed - FM Mok Tze Meng (2308) , Brunei- FM Soon Wei Yee ( 2235), Singaporean - FM Daniel Howard Fernandez (2212),  NM Edward Lee and national player such as Ismail Ahmad competing. For the final result click here.

NM Kamal Abdullah who is Malaysian top player in 80's and 90's having represent Malaysia for many international tournaments such as the Olympiad, Zonal and other tournaments. However in the couple of years back , he seems to be less active. His play sometimes look a little bit"rusty" but recently he has start showing his "old" skill after actively playing in local tournaments . His return is as a regular player when probably not many believed that he will be able to come back to his former prime. Probably his achievement in Sarawak will be the start of an excellent comeback and to add into his already excellent chess achievement. - The empire has strike back!

Photo from: gilocatur blog

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