Friday, November 28, 2008

Irina and Anna cease fire !?

Many chess friend would probably remember that Irina Krush and Anna Zantokish is not in speaking term since the Armageddon incident where IM Irina Krush react horribly after losing the 2008 US Women Championship penultimate play-off game against Anna Zatonskih early this year.

In that tournament, both tie with the same points in the woman category, so they have to play blitz play-off games to decided the ultimate Champion. At the end, Anna won the play-off after winning the final game on time. Irina Krush was so upset with the result! She throw her king off the table (photo below) after she found that she just lost on time and her opponent has only 1 second left.

However in the 2008 Dresden Olympiad which end recently, they both play for the US Women team and won the bronze medal. Irina play 1st board and Anna play the 2nd board.

In the prize giving ceremony, i noticed that both players smile to each other at the stage. Irina even made a friendly touch to Anna!? (photo right)

You can read my past article with video about the incident.

Photo from the official site

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