Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Malaysian Boys and Girls Compete in World Youth Chess Championship 2008, Vung Tau, Vietnam

Majority of local and international chess fan including me is focusing on the World Chess Championship 2008 - Anand vs Kramnik in Bonn, Germany from 14th October to 2nd November 2008. However there’s another important chess events especially for local fans - The 2008 World Youth ChessChampionship held in Vung Tau, Vietnam from 19th -31st October 2008 .

Thanks to our man in the spot- Mr.Andrew Ooi who is “going international” for his chess coverage, we can enjoy the recent updates about local players performances, the photos and stories. Actually during the MCF GM Tournament a couple of months ago , Peter Long did ask me to send my resume if I'm interested to help him at Vung Tau but unfortunately because of my busy work schedule, I can’t afford to leave my work for two weeks. Probably next time if god willing..and pleassse god !

Watch The Malaysian World Youth Chess team coverage on Buletin Utama 20th October 2008 Episode starting 3 minute 09 seconds till 3 minutes 47 seconds. ( In Malay)

The Malaysian contingent depart from KLIA to Vietnam on 19October 2008. The departure was covered by TV3 during their sport segment in Buletin Utama . It show some of familiar face on local chess scenes - Yeoh Li Tian and his father Yeoh Chin Seng, Haslindah Ruslan the MCF bionic women and among others - Nur Nabila Azman Hashim.

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